CC Creams: The Good, the Average and the Ugly

CC creams are one of the best new formulas the beauty industry has produced.  As a girl who hates the feeling of foundation on her skin and would rather not have to wear it every day these have been winners in my beauty collection. They market themselves as ‘correct and conceal’, almost hinting at a 2 in 1 products that it has longterm skincare benefits as well as concealing those pesky marks and pigmentation areas. I’m not totally sold on the whole skincare benefit and personally only use it for makeup purposes.

When it comes to getting the right one for your complexion this is where the hard work is needed that you lose in the application process.  The formulas in texture vary and the colours are very hard to pin point.  Also I have found several of them oxidised on the skin and turn orange.  However, saying that if you find the one for you your morning routine is simplified and you feel you are not caking on anything.  Another added bones is that much of the mid to high-end ones have added SPF, again losing another step to your morning skin routine.

I just need to mention CC creams are completely different to BB creams.  I personally do not get on with BB creams they don’t serve a purpose to me.  They are too heavy on the moisturiser and NEVER enough concealing aspect, so you end up putting layers on top of it.  CC creams is my one step wonder!

I’ll start with the good, actually the great.  Chanel never usually get it wrong let’s be honest.  Every time I purchase a new product of theirs I know I’m heading towards luxury.  You can always rely on them, however they don’t usually come up top of the class, mostly in the top 5 though.  Saying all this, I have to say that this CC cream is an absolute dream.  It glides on seamlessly with fingers or a brush, and really looks like you’re wearing no makeup at all.  There are very limited colours available, I know this but if you are lucky enough to fit one of those you must have it! The best thing about this particular CC cream which strides above all the rest is that the coverage is absolutely amazing.  When I wear this my skin looks almost flawless, poreless and airbrushed, and I never have to wear concealer.  It has the typical perfumed smell that Chanel products always have, which I know some people don’t like but I quite like it.  Another massive benefit which I compared to the others is that it lasts you such a long time.  Mine has lasted 7 months already and I have still not finished…Long may it last! I will definitely be repurchasing.


Next I will talk about the 2 average ones that I have found for me.  These are both wearable and feel good on the skin but just don’t give me quite the right coverage or are the right consistency I’m looking for. First of all is the new Olay pore minimizer CC cream.  Overall this is a great fallback CC cream.  Its cheap, lightweight and very easy to apply.  The light colour is also very light which is good for someone like me (an english rose).  I find it to smell a little like sun cream which for me is not a bad smell it’s just kind of strange.  It does what it says on the packet which is reduce pores, provide sunscreen and evens out skin tone.  My only issues with this one is that it doesn’t have much coverage which is fine when you are having a good skin day, but on days where redness is prominent it doesn’t quite do the job.  It also makes my face quite shiny throughout the day, so I would recommend only dry skin people using this.  For the price it really delivers and if you have the right skin type for this product you will love it.

SONY DSCNext product on the average list is the Cover FX CC cream, marketed as ‘tinted treatment’.  When I first got this I was obsessed with it.  It almost compared to the Chanel CC cream.  It has a fantastic coverage and hides all the little bits you want no one to see!  It also comes in a high variety of colours so you can really match your shade.  I also love the fact that Cover FX products are non comedogenic so they won’t block your pores, even though CC cream are light on the skin anyway.  The one and only issue I had with this product is that it almost feels like a foundation after you have been wearing it for some time and feels dry and tight on the skin.  It doesn’t physically go patchy but my skin feels dried out.  Again this may have something to do with skin type as I have combination skin.  If you have oily skin this is the one for you!


Okay so sorry to save the worst till last but I wanted to talk about the ones I loved first.  I have to say that this is one of the worst CC creams I have ever tried and its the L’Oreal Nude Magique CC cream.  They come in four different formulas and I got the anti-dullness as I thought it would perk up my skin a little.  I had seen a few good reviews on this and decided because it was so cheap I had to try it out.  First of all I was a little concerned about the ‘smart pigment capsules’ which are meant to blend into your skin colour once applied on the face.  The product came out purple and when swatched on my hand the texture was lovely.  However, when applying it to my face the product almost instantly turned bright orange and dried in seconds.  It looked and felt awful.  I usually love L’Oreal products so I was very disappointed.  I will say again though if you have a darker skin tone and only really want to apply this to the oily t-zones parts of your face you may love it, it just was so wrong on me.


I hope you have found this review helpful, I have swatched all of the CC creams in the picture below, and linked them all.  Starting from the left Chanel, Olay, Cover FX and L’Oreal.

Georgie x




    • January 24, 2015 / 6:58 am

      Yes im a big chanel fan but honestly the cc cream is in my opinion one of their best ever products!! Try it out and let me know if you love it 🙂 x

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