Best Autumn Lips!

Autumn is by far my favourite season ever!  The big knit comfy clothes, the dark lit evenings by the warm fire and most of all the new seasonal makeup launches.  The first thing I do when I notice the leaves falling off the trees is go shopping for my new dark lip colours to rock in the colder months.

I have found getting a perfect lip colour for your skin tone and a great texture too is almost impossible.  But let me tell you when you find the right one, it is well worth the endless swatching up the entirety of your arm.

The lipsticks and liners I’m about to show you suit me amazingly well but they may not suit you.  All I can assure you that these are the most comfortable and long-lasting lip colours I have found yet.

I’ll start with a lip colour I have been using for a couple of years now and literally cannot find a better formula or colour than this beauty.  This is the Bare Minerals Moxie Lipstick in the colour ‘Lead the way’.  When I first bought this I have to admit I was rather scared of the colour as it was just so bold but so beautiful so I was brave and got it.  I have never looked back, this is definitely my staple autumn lipstick.  One coat and get a strong berry  stain, 2 or more coats and you have a bold satin lip colour that’s not going anywhere.  I think the reason I keep going back to this is not just purely for the stunning wine tone but the consistency of the lipstick is so buttery and comfortable without looking shiny or sliding about on the lips.  My lips never peel or fade and feel so soft when wearing it.  If the colour is too much for you or doesn’t suit you I would still urge you to buy a Bare Minerals Moxie lipstick in a different colour because of their fantastic quality.  I would always use a lip liner with a darker colour lipstick and with this one I use a berry coloured one from Kiko in a colour that they have discontinued but just match the liner to your lipstick as best as possible.


My second best autumn lip colour has to be the new L’oreal colour riche collection, pure exclusive reds.  They have cleverly used celebrities names with different skin tones to correspond to each lipstick colour.  Advertising that there is a red for every skin tone.  Now I’m not sure how accurate this is and me personally I would still go and see for your self by testing them out which colour would be best for you and you like the most.  I could Liya’s pure red instead of Blake’s which would match my skin and hair colour the best.  I just prefer the slight purple undertone of Liya’s more.  I have never had an awful experience with L’oreal lipsticks but nor has one stuck with me or moved its way to the top of my list.  However, they have got it SOOO right this time.  The formula is soft, velvety and smooth. The colours are super pigmented making it so much easier to get that bold lip.  I am also in love with the packaging, it resembles a Chanel lip product yet its a third of the price.  If you are looking for a high street Autumnal Lipstick I would head straight to the L’oreal counter.  I use this Lipstick with the Number 7 Lip liner in Fire.


I hope you all enjoyed this post and hope you go and rock your bold autumn lips!

Love Georgie x,en_GB,pd.html


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