At War With Our Skin

Are you settling for sub-par skin? Get a gorgeous glow instead…

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As the winter months draw in, it becomes the time when we rush to the shops or scour the beauty blogs to get our new and improved winter skincare.  Panicking about lack of hydration as the temperature drops, we Google products with ‘hyaluronic acid for increased moisture’ several times.  Then we either we purchase them online or go and buy them in store – buying at least 2 new products.  Is this process familiar to you?  Most women search long and hard for the best products for their skin.

The average woman will spend over £8,000 on skincare and £9,000 on makeup in a lifetime. Those figures are only the average, so beauty obsessed women like myself would spend a lot more.  As scary as these figures are, I always want to improve my skin.  It is fair to say that most of us are obsessed, not only with enhancing our own features with makeup, but also trying to change or boost certain features with the ever-growing technology in skincare products.  If you are not tight for money you can get lip filling products that claim they are better than Botox and eye creams and serums that promise to remove dark circles, puffiness and wrinkles.  Even with a lower budget you can keep up with the newest skincare crazes.  We are all engaged in the everlasting war against naturally ageing skin.


Now let me tell you a little about my skin battle.  Yes, I am still young and have not yet experienced loads of wrinkles, however, I have had other problems such as redness and congestion.  Having worked in skincare for years, I have had many customers over the age of 50 come to me and express their deep unhappiness with their beautifully aged skin.  If older ladies don’t want to age naturally then that’s totally their choice.  However, when did it ever become normal for people to strive for youth? When did we loose the stunning process of natural ageing?

It is not entirely our own fault.  We are hypnotised and manipulated by advertisements showing models with perfect looking skin.  It is thrown in our faces and we become intoxicated.  There is nothing better than getting home after purchasing a new formula and reading on the back of the packet ‘clearer skin in just 3 days’. I mean, that’s heart-palpitating, confidence-boosting excitement.

The hard truth us this: the more products we try out the worse our skin will get.  It’s as simple as that. I was once guilty of having a skin routine that consisted of 4-6 hyped  products.  For years, I chopped and changed  well-known brands. Whenever a new product was launched it filled me with hope.  This downward spiral of never being satisfied and losing more and more money actually made my skin worse!

So I took the brave decision to stand against the gorgeous products that surrounded me at work. I wanted to ignore the hype surrounding new launches and completely simplify.  My new routine consisted of a gentle cleanser that would remove makeup and a light moisturiser.  I went into this process telling myself that my skin was going to get worse before it got better (as it always does when trying out new products).  However, I swore to myself that I had to give it at least four months before I would review.  Let me tell you, nearly a year has passed and I have never looked back.  My skin has completely balanced itself.  My complexion is clearer as I’m not blocking my pores with formulas that are too heavy.  Don’t get me wrong, I am still extremely excited and passionate about new skincare products, however, I will now ask for a sample and think more than twice before buying anything.  I told my mother (over 50 years old) to simplify her skincare collection too and she has never been more glowing.  Yes, some of us still may want a little help to reverse the clock but don’t go overboard.  There’s truth in the sayings “less is more” and “quality over quantity”.  Here are my top skin tips for the various age groups.






A gentle cleanser, rinse off with water.Great brands: Avene, Bare minerals, Simple, Garnier  See previous age group A soft oil based cleanserGreat brands: Emma Hardie, Eve Lom, Revive

Light Moisturiser

Great Brands: Eve Lom, Rodial, Olay


Same cleanser as in the morning and if wearing makeup double cleanse.Great brands: Solve, Avene, Simple, Caudalie

Tea tree oil for any blemishes

Same as previous group and:A very light (and I mean LIGHT) eye cream

Great brands: Eve lom, Revive gel, Kheils   

Same cleanser as in the morningA good quality serum or overnight mask

Great Brands: Sarah Chapman, Rodial, Chantecaille, Estee Lauder

Don’t forget to drink loads of water!

It’s really as simple as that.  I’m not saying don’t buy the products that work for you, all I’m saying is try sticking to using quality products with great ingredients. Not only will you win the war against your skin but you will save tons of money and feel fantastic.

Georgie x


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