The Down Low on Spots

Everyone suffers with blemishes.  Everyone.  No matter how good you think someones skin is they would have had blemishes to deal with at some point in their life.  However, there are some people much worse off than others.  Due to unlucky genes, stress and diet some of us suffer from the congested skin a lot more than others.  I have been one of these people and my genes didn’t give me great skin.  However I have learnt little tricks to deal with those pesky spots.  Let me put it out there that nothing is a miracle cure and no product, no matter what it promises will transform your skin to pore-less, flawless skin.  If you have acne, congestion or redness its extremely tough and can knock your confidence more than you can imagine.  My best advice is not to expect too much.  I am a culprit of buying a new product that are well over what I can afford, and never seem to give me the results I was hoping for.  Which then in turn knocks our confidence even more.

Im not going to lie to you.  Diet is THE most important aspect to having good skin.  Drinking water and not consuming too much dairy and sugars (the skins enemies) can contribute to clearer looking skin.  Let me warn you though this is no quick fix.  If you are that person who has a poor diet and decides to start a new healthy regime and drink litres of water a day, don’t expect an overnight change.  I would not hesitate in saying this can take half a year to see differences.  But you WILL see them.

UnknownSo after you are happy that you are trying to help your skin internally, its time to treat those irritating things from the outside.

Tip 1 – DO NOT and I repeat DO NOT use anything like clean and clear or cheap spot fighting cleansers!  All these will do is strip your skins surfing, causing your skin to panic as it has no natural oils left.  Your skin will then go into overdrive and produce tons of oil, which can then cause even more spots to form.  When you have bad skin taking your skin to extremes is the worst possible thing you can do.  Use gentle products. I recommend Avene clearance soapless gel cleanser.  This soft gel foams when massaged into a damp face, removing even eye makeup and balancing sebum gland oil levels. cleanance_gel_hi_res_1_1

Tip 2 – DO MOISTURISE.  Again like tip 1 if your skin is too dried out this will cause more blemishes.  If you suffer from acne use a very light moisturiser.  Try use one that has no SPF in it and apply your SPF through makeup products.  SPF is extremely important but can block pores and cause debris build up.  You really don’t need to be using SPF in the evenings.  I know its scary putting moisturiser on spots but it actually helps to heal them.

Tip 3 – Be very careful what you use as your spot treatment.  Sudocream is a popular one and I have mixed feelings.  You really only should use sudocream when the spot is out in full force with a whitehead. The reason being is sodocream doesn’t allow your skin to breathe which is good for spots that are about to pop.  However, for spots that have already popped or have no whitehead sudocream slows up the healing process so you are left with marks for longer.  Personally I never use Sudocream but I know there are some people that swear by it.  Honestly the best solution for spots is to dab a bit of Apple Cider Vinegar onto the spot that has not yet popped (ONLY USE THIS ON SPOTS).  Apple Cider vinegar will dry it out but not strip the skin.  As soon as the spot has dried over night put honey on it every night to heal it and fade the mark.  Honey is a natural antibacterial product so stops areas surrounding the spot getting infected.  If you want to use something from the shops and not natural, buy a spot treatment thats from a good quality brand.  Good ones are Avene, Origins, Bare Minerals or use tea tree oil.


Covering spots

Covering spots can seem like a never ending battle.  The blunt truth is that you are never going to make them disappear for good, its just not possible.  I know thats hard to swallow but as soon as you accept that and stop worrying you won’t stress about your skin as much.  The trick to covering blemishes is to only apply thin layers to the area thats needed.  Put your foundation on, or even better CC or BB cream all over your face.  Blend this really well with a fluffy brush or blending sponge.  Now let the foundation or CC/BB cream settle on your face for at least 5 minutes.  This means that when applying concealer you don’t loosen the base product and your face won’t look patchy.  Next ONLY apply concealer to the affected areas.  Make sure that the concealer is exactly your skin tone.  Its a complete myth using darker and lighter shades to counter act marks, it needs to match your skin.  I also suggest concealers that are loser in texture and don’t cake on your face.   Also ones that contain salicylic acid will treat the spot as well as cover them.  I recommend cover FX stick concealer. Pat thin layers onto the spot using a flat top brush or even your fingers.  DONT GO TOO FAR, LESS IS MORE.  Too much product on the spots will draw attention to them. Build up the product very very slowly.  Then to set everything apply a loose power with a really soft gentle brush – which won’t move the concealer.

I hope this helps, just keep it simple don’t try and destroy spots, treat them!

Love Georgie



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