The Detoxified Appearance

As I said in my last post we are all probably still feeling a bit blue now that the Christmas season has ended. January is all about the DETOX. Whether this is in the form of starting a new fitness regime, making a resolution to de-clutter or to cut down on unhealthy foods. It’s all about losing what you don’t like about yourself and gaining a new look or confidence.

Makeup has a very important part to play this New Year. In the theme of stripping back and cutting down the new makeup trend is to look fresh and natural. This means that the heavy contouring is out, the smoky eye is no more and the big clumpy eyelashes have disappeared. It is all about looking like your glowing from the inside, which you can do with the right products and techniques. For most of us this new look would appeal as I certainly don’t like piling on layers of makeup, but I need my coverage. I have been exploring and found ways to look almost flawless whilst hardly wearing any makeup.   This you can imagine is so much better for your skin than piling on layers of foundation and heavy eye makeup.

I will talk you through my way of achieving this look and all the products I use. I start with a light base NOT foundation that covers most things but doesn’t suffocate your skin. I have mentioned this product many a times in my blog, the infamous Channel CC cream. Apply this with fingers or preferably a beauty blender to create a natural look. Try not to use a brush as you can get brush strokes making the cc cream look unnatural.

Then simply add a touch of bronzer/blusher so your face doesn’t look as flat and comes to life. I use the Bourjous Delice De Poudre in Matte as it gives a very subtle glow and doesn’t look orange as most blushers do on my pale english skin.Apply the bronzer just to the outer edge of the face under the cheekbones, on the temples and down the neck.  Be careful not to apply your bronzer to the centre of your face as this will make you look like you are wearing makeup.  For blusher just subtly brush on the apples of the cheeks.

Next I like to add a little highlighter, just to get that glow from within.  You MUST be careful which highlighter you use as so many of them can sit on the top of your cheekbones instead of looking like the glow is coming from within.  I use the Balm’s Mary Lou Manizer as it is that perfect champagne colour for any skin tone.  I also love Sleeks highlighting palette.   I highlight just the top bit of my cheekbones and under my eyebrows.  Don’t go too heavy otherwise you won’t achieve the natural look.

The next stage is one of the most important stages.  In fact if you have amazing skin you could skip all the skin makeup and concentrate on the brows.  Brows this year are thick but must look natural and bushy rather than obviously drawn on.  I use the Soap and Glory Archery Brow Pencil.  This is a super thin pencil that allows you to create very natural looking brows as you literally draw in each hair.  It comes with a spooli at the end which is always helpful to tame the bushes.

The eyes are extremely simple.  Either do absolutely nothing to your eyelids or if you are veiny like me then apply a matte neutral colour all over the lid.  I use the new L’oreal La Palette Nude as most of the shades in there are matte and nude.  I use the third one along (not sure what it’s called) as I love rosy under-toned neutrals.

Lastly I simply add a touch of mascara, and I mean a touch.  The trend of thick clumsy mascara has passed and you want a separated natural look. I use the Maybelline Colossal mascara as just one coat gives my lashes a real boost and I don’t find this mascara flaking as my eyes water in the cold winter months.

I don’t really touch my lips apart from add a bit of lip balm, or if I’m going somewhere special a touch of nude lip liner to outline my lips.  No lipstick or lipgloss.



There we have it.  The simple fresh-faced new look that makes you look detoxed even if you are not a fan of the juice cleansers (which I am not, another blog post coming up about these).  I hope you all enjoy creating this look and hopefully trying some of the products mentioned.

Love Georgie x


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