Feed your skin from the outside in.

Hi everyone!  I haven’t done a skincare post in quite a while now and have been focussing a lot more on how to get healthy skin through eating nutritious food.  However, there are certain recipes that you can apply to your face that treat your skin from the outside in.  I’ve always been a firm believer in using as natural as possible products on my face as mother nature knows best!  There is a huge difference though between buying natural products from a store and making your own skincare remedies with ingredients you also can eat.  For one, it’s so much cheaper and secondly you know that these natural winners are going to work! I’m also a realist in that I do own products that are not all natural and don’t limit myself to just natural stuff, but I think everyone should be more wary about what they apply to their skin.  Simplicity is key when it comes to what we put on our face.  When we overload our skin with too many products it can counteract all the good work the products are trying to do, as your skin can block and break out.  Let me just say these tips are not something that will change your skin over night, you have to try them regularly to maintain healthy glowing skin!

  1. First at home natural skincare tip is something that is completely free but one of the most beneficial techniques to clear your pores.  All you will need is a bowl (big enough to put your face in) and a tea towel and some BOILING water.  Make sure you have cleansed your face beforehand then fill the bowl with boiling water.  Place your head into the bowl and cover the back of your head with a damp tea towel to create humidity.  This will hopefully feel like a steam room and really detoxify’s your skin.  Stay there for as long as possible (taking breaks if you need) around 5-10 minutes.  Steam opens up your pores creating a perfect canvas to then use a scrub or apply a face mask.  It is great to do this at least once a week as it can get rid of toxins in the skin.
  2. Home made scrubs are extremely popular at the moment. However, be warned the sugar scrubs you see should NOT be used on the face! These are WAY to harsh and will scratch your skin, causing it to produce more oil to compensate, leading to spots!  Something I have always loved to use on my skin is cinnamon.  Do not use it on its own though, mix around teaspoon of cinnamon with some honey (around 1-2 tablespoons) and then gently scrub into your face using circular motions and hardly any pressure.  The honey makes sure you are softening your skin whilst getting rid of blackheads and blockage, it also keeps the moisture in your skin!  Honey is a great ingredient in general as it contains anti inflammatory properties which help get rid of red marks or flare ups on the skin. Honey has actually been used for centuries to heal burns so that really tells you how powerful this stuff is. Doing this scrub after you have steamed your face is a winning combination to glowing clear skin!
  3. Final amazing tip I have for you is to experiment with natural facemasks.  First step is to work out what type of skin you have whether its combination, dry or oily and then find an ingredients in this list to suit your skin and mix them together!

Avocado – This is amazing for dry flaky skin as it contains a load of vitamin E and the texture is cooling and soothing.

Coconut Oil – Again this is extremely great for dry skin as it almost immediately puts moisture back in to the skin.  Coconut oil is fully of proteins which help with cell turnover and rejuvenation of the skin.

Oats – are amazing for every skin type as they contain something called saponins which is a natural cleanser.  They help to remove dirt and oil from the skin.  They are also fabulous for red or irritated skin.

Lemons – One of my favourite ingredients to put on my skin and can be used for every skin type.  Lemons instantly brighten your skin to give a glow from the inside out.  Great at getting rid of dark spots or acne marks.  An all round miracle product!

Honey – Again honey can be used on any skin type as it contains so many different benefits.  The most important I feel is that is contains antibacterial properties that kill bacteria preventing breakouts.  It’s a great ingredient for acne as it all helps to fade marks and spots.   The enzymes in raw honey also clean pores and detox your skin.  Thirdly its a fantastic moisturiser!

Cinnamon – This is brilliant for acne first and foremost although everyone can use it for gentle exfoliation.  Cinnamon has been used for years as an effective at home acne treatment.  It brings blood to the surface causing skin turnover to be faster.

Egg White – I know this sounds a little gross but egg white is amazing at tightening pores up.  If you have blackheads or large pores steam your face, then exfoliate, after add egg white to your face to moisturise and tighten pores.

Yoghurt – For one it is very moisturising but it also contains probiotics to help combat spots and bacteria.

Bananas – You have all heard of acid exfoliants that don’t contain harsh beads to scrub your face, instead they use lactic or glycollic acid to exfoliate your face in a non evasive way, removing all the dead skin.  Bananas work just like this,amazing I know!  They are great for anyone who wants to bring back that baby skin we all want!

Green tea –  We all know this is full of antioxidants which are the best thing for our skin.  Green tea is also fantastic at reducing redness and inflammation too!

Pomegranate seeds and juice – Apart from being delicious these little things contain extreme amounts of anti ageing properties that help combat wrinkles and sagging.

Strawberries – Help fight free radicals that attack our collagen.  They contain loads of vitamin C which clears and brightens our face.

Ground olive pits – Okay again this is a little weird but these little seeds are fabulous for oily skin, combating oily pores and refreshing the face.

So blend some of these ingredients up and add to your face, have fun experimenting! There are many MANY more unusual ingredients that are the best for skincare, I will write another blog post about these soon.

Hope you enjoyed this post!

Georgie xx


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