Long and Lean in 20

Long and Lean in 20

Hey Everyone!

Firstly I’m so sorry I haven’t posted in such a long time.  Life has been a bit busy and difficult, which I may write another blog post on, but Im back writing and you will be seeing a lot more food and fitness posts!

Today I’m going to write about something that is probably the most exciting project I have been working on over the last year or so.  As you may or may not know myself and a company called Well Aware have collaborated and created an online workout that is called Long and Lean in 20.  This workout is unique because every exercise is done using a resistance band (will tell you the benefits later).

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Our idea behind the workout

This was firstly to get people who don’t go to a gym or are not that active moving.  We also wanted people to realise that 20 minutes IS enough time to get a really good workout in.  You don’t need to slog it out at a gym for an hour or go on a 50 minute sweaty run to change your body.  In fact it is proven that a short bust of high intensity exercise is more effective than running on a running machine at the same average speed for double the amount of time.  So our message was to stop going to the gym and wandering around, wasting your time and not coming out feeling that satisfied.  Instead do our workout in the comfort of your own home, and really FEEL THE BURN.

Why we chose resistance band’s

We chose resistance bands over any other equipment firstly as it is extremely portable.  Secondly as it provides constant resistance for your muscles, so they are ALWAYS working.  No matter how fit and strong you are a resistance band will always push back against your movement meaning muscles are working super hard to keep that point of tension.  It is also seriously low impact so appropriate for most people who have injuries.  They can also be used pretty much everywhere in the body and can activate some muscles that we have probably never activated before in our lives.  Shall I go on?

The response

The response to this workout so far has been UNREAL.  We have been targeting journalist and bloggers to go and show them the workout.

Jen Murphy from the Wall Street Journal said:

“Brilliant! Such a fan!”

Healthy Living London said:

“Perfect travel companion and so easy to follow”

Tiffany Watson said:

“Awesome workout”

Natalie Glaze (the nutritionista) said:

“Perfect for doing in your hotel room when travelling”

Also we have received many lovely emails from the customers who have bought it online saying they loved it and have built it into their regular routine.


What happens next

If I tell you I would have to kill you…

But watch this space!

I hope you enjoyed learning a bit more about the Long and Lean workout.  If you are interested in buying it click on this link http://www.wellawareuk.com/workouts/ and join the Long and Lean family.

I hope you enjoyed this post, please contact me if you want to ask any more questions.  Have a happy week.

Love Georgie




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