Why I chose to eat an Egg.

Why I chose to eat an Egg.

Okay so this is a pretty daunting post for me today.  It may be a very controversial topic but I would like to share it anyway.

As you all know, Im a vegan and have been for nearly 3 years now.  Although I have always HATED the label and all the connotations and judgements that have unfortunately come with it.  I have preferred to use the term plant based. Veganism is great, and originally I chose this lifestyle because of ethical reasons, not health.  I think its truly important to be educated (vegan or not) on how poorly animals get treated.  Even the term ‘free range’ has come to mean nothing. Its truly shocking.  I have never been a preacher, I don’t force people to believe in what I believe.  I think its my personal opinion and thats that.  For example, I don’t know anyone else in my life thats vegan, its not this massive cult that you get hypnotised into, it was MY choice.

Anyway, with all that said ill get onto what this post is really about.  Last week I decided to eat an egg.  Now wait!  I will NEVER buy eggs from a supermarket and also I will never buy eggs that have come from chickens that are going to be slaughtered.  I was lucky enough to go to a family friends house where she keeps her chickens as pets.  Thats it.  They all have names, personalities and a massive garden to roam around in.  This is the true meaning of ‘Happy Hens’.  I also got a tour of their three story MTV style crib that they sleep in.  So all in all, a great setting.  She gave me some eggs that had naturally been produced.


Beside the fact of thinking there is nothing ethically wrong with eating the eggs from those particular chickens, I also had other reasons in why I was interested in consuming the occasional egg.  Plant foods are the BEST, they can give you all the macro nutrients you need if you eat enough of them, and they tend to be a lot more nutrient dense than animal based products.  However, there are a short list of things that plant based foods just cannot provide for you.  Before you read this list just another little disclaimer.  This is NOT me saying that you shouldn’t be vegan, its me giving an informative list on the things we need to be extra careful with if following a plant based diet.

  1. Vitamin B12 – This is found in virtually no plant foods and is needed for production of red blood cells and healthy brain development.
  2. Creatine – Creatine is a molecule found in muscles which helps muscle endurance by creating energy reserves.  creatine improves physical performance.
  3. Vitamin D3 – This is essential to the body and can cause osteoporosis if you don’t consume enough.  Although we associate Vitamin D3 with sunlight it is also found in egg yolks.

These are only just three of important nutrients our body needs, which can be consumed in a Vegan diet (just little amount) or by using supplementation.


I am becoming more and more aware of the dangers of social media and the impact it is having on certain people.  My job means I advise people every single day on how to live their lives, and I also share a lot of food/ fitness tips on my social media platforms.  There has been a huge rise in fitness and food bloggers/influences becoming what I call ‘obsessive’ about what they eat and how much they exercise.  I think its important to be aware of how extreme some influential people will take it to look ‘perfect’ for their audience.  I wanted to be different from this which is another reason why I chose to eat the egg.  I don’t want to be known as the girl with the extreme vegan diet who only eats vegetables.  Nor do I want to be judged for my ethical choices.  Most importantly I don’t want to influence vulnerable young people into thinking they must go vegan to be skinny.  Veganism should be a choice made only because you care about animal welfare, envrironment or both.  Veganism being one of the most ‘healthy’ lifestyles to lead is just a benefit, it shouldn’t be the main reason!!!!!


Anyway, enough rambling for one day.  I will finish on this though.  I STILL lead a plant based life and am extremely passionate about how animals are mistreated and that we shouldn’t be so uneducated about where our foods come from.  However,  Im not going to preach, shove my views down your face, or even advise anyone to go vegan.  My belief is that it should be your own decision, made organically by yourself without any other influences.  I did this because ethically I was okay with it and also to show that there doesn’t have to be this black and white view on vegans, we are not all extreme, we are all different!

I hope you enjoyed this post as it was quite a tough one for me to write.  I hope this gets rid of any judgement you have about ‘vegans’ and also inspires you to go educate yourself on what your eating.

Love Georgie xxx


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