Long and Lean Method

  The Long and Lean method is based on high intensity pilates with added plyometrics.  It gets the body burning, sweating and fat killing and then I use dance based stretches to elongate the muscles.  Resistance bands are heavily used as these can cause the muscles to fatigue super quick in a non invasive, low impact way.

I created this method after meeting so many time poor people that really don’t have an hour to spend in the gym.  You can do the Long and Lean workout for 20 minutes and still get really good results, but also feel like you’ve had a fantastic workout.

Coming from a background of dance means I really understand the body, I have used resistance bands in unusual ways to get definition in muscles and to lean out the entire body.

I have seen so many physical results teaching this method to men and women, and in such little time.  However, I have also seen a huge change in mental attitude.  Loving your workout and that time that you get to do something for yourself is key.  Each person who does the Long and Lean with me comes out full of positivity and energy and that is my goal!

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