Personal Training and Mentoring


Personal Training                                         Wellness Mentoring                           Short Videos

One session – £60 per hour                                One session- £50                             1 hour filming + edit – £50

5 sessions – £ 280                                                 3 Sessions – £125

10 session – £520                                                  8 Sessions – £350


 Fitness – Having a background in dance means that I really understand how the body works. This means looking at each individual’s movement and coordination to achieve the best results for them! I like to encourage a solid core and strong balance, which means the workout becomes much more effective. I specialise in body weight exercise to burn fat and tone the body, then use stretch conditioning exercises to lengthen out the muscles to attain a lean composition. This technique is the best for adapting to all fitness levels. Bringing in dance based exercises when necessary brings a new element to the workout and one that has proved to be extremely effective.

My style is collaborative, motivational and friendly. In my view getting to know my clients well produces longer lasting results. I believe that exercise gives you both confidence in the way you look and a more positive mentality.

Wellness Mentoring –   This is time for individuals to chat to me about their goals, how to get healthier and lead a more energetic and positive life.  Each session is an hour long and we chat about potential obstacles, life hardships and how we can change your mentality.  These sessions are for YOU and can range from a short term impact plan or a long term programme .  It’s your time for yourself and I’m just here to point you in the right direction.  I recommend at least 3 sessions for everyone but more if needed.

Filming – After studying Cinematography for a year at University I have found a real passion for creating and editing short promotional videos or videos for social media.  My videos are perfect for someone trying to build their brand/following online.  My 1-2 minute videos showcase the individual.  I have done films for influencers, gyms and businesses.

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Fat Loss

Core exercises


Dance based movements

High Intensity Circuit Training

Cardio based workouts for detoxing and increasing stamina

Lengthening of muscles

Life Coaching

Wellness mentoring


Future Fit Level 2 Gym Instructor

Future Fit Level 3 Exercise Programming and Coaching

Anatomy and Physiology Level 1 and 2

Nutrition and Weight Management

Arts Ed dance based Musical Theatre

Zumba Instructor

History with mental health struggle and recovery means I can really help you change your thought process as I’ve been there and done it.  I have been on many courses finding the best way to tackle thought process and energy so I hope to help you find the best way for you.